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Devotees of Vivian Vande Velde and her books
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A Vivian Vande Velde fan-community. Managed by relenafanel

Do you love VVV's books? Can you identify with her heroine? Think her hero is a sexy hunk of vampire/dragon/prince/ghost love? Have you made an attempt to read as many of her books as possible, then mourn at the lack of fanfiction for them? Do you have a love/hate relationship with the endings of her books, and wish she believed in sequels?

Are all of the above valid?

This community will deal with all things possibly VVV: critiques of the books, rants, fanfiction, fanart, omgilovethissquee, observations, and just general conversation.

Feel free to join so I won't have to talk to myself and share in the love.

pagansfandom, a lj community for Catherine Jinks, a Young Adult novelist in Australia. Pagan, specifically, is a series about a young man and the Templar Knights. For a VVV story with the same themes, check out A Coming Evil.