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Summer Challenge Response

Title: Light and Dark
Author: RelenaFanel
Rating: PG
Novel: Companions of the Night
Ship: Kerry/Michel


It was dark with tiki lights set up on the beach, flickering flames glittering off flecks of minerals in the white sand.  The ocean, vast and pitch black, engulfed the light, creating a defined edge between what was visible and what was unknown.

She was laughing, her hair glinting with shades of red and gold as she danced.  He had told her once that he wished to see her hair in the sun, but he didn’t think it would ever be more beautiful than it was now.  He had done a lot of things in his lifetime, to her, to others, some of it so terrible that it would haunt a normal person, but he rarely felt regret as keenly as he did in that moment.

She turned and saw him, body pausing mid-motion.  He could see the way her shoulders stiffened as she placed herself between herself and her friends.  Most women would have retreated backwards into false safety, but she had never done what she should have when faced with a vampire of his questionable morals.

“Kerry,” he said softly, the word carrying across the distance.

Her lips pursed and she turned, moving away from the crowd and into the darker edges where the light from the flames barely reached.  By the time he caught up with her, grabbing her arm to halt her movements, half her face was shadowed, but he could see the tears forming in her eyes.  The symbolism of her straddling the line between light and dark wasn’t lost on him.  He knew which side she belonged on.

“It’s the last time that we’ll speak so I need you to listen to me,” he said with a hushed urgency.  “Please.”

“There’s nothing you can say,” she responded, hands encircling her stomach and face etched in misery.  “I look at you and I remember all the mind games you played.  I look at you and feel sick to my stomach for how much I put up with.  I look at you and I can’t help but remember.”

“You won’t have to again,” he reminded her with a bitter laugh, brushing a hand through his hair.  “The heat is back on me, it isn’t safe for me to be seen with you anymore. Anyone could be watching.”

“You should have thought of that before you wore a suit to a beach party!” she snapped unrelentingly.  “Just go, there’s nothing you could say to make it better.  I wouldn’t believe you anyway.  Did you really think I would buy your excuses?”

“I love you.”  He said it for the first time, knowing it was too late.

She nodded.  “I know.  I wouldn’t have tried for so long if I didn’t think your feelings were genuine.”  Her hand came up and cupped his cheek.  “Goodbye Michel.  Stay safe.”

She walked back into the light.

Shame on my neglect!

Are any of you interested in a summer challenge? 

Drabbles - 300 words in length.

Theme - typical summer weather (whether this means sunshine, the way it rains on the day you had beach plans, etc.)

Must include one of the following topics:

- Ugly toes.

- Someone tripping over a flipflop/shoe/own foot and falling

- 'Inappropriate' beach-wear. OR Beach-wear in an inappropriate place

- Sand/ground/pollen in eye

- Someone guffawing/belly-laughing really loudly

- A first-time experience most people take for granted

Due Date - August 16th

Remember to have fun!

Dreamwidth prompt post/Livejournal prompt post

Porn Battle has started, and I would love to see (and intend to fill) some prompts from our under-represented fandom there. This has always been a super fun experience for me, so even if you aren't going to write or prompt, if the content is to your tastes come and enjoy the products!

RE: "Ice Cream" prompt

Title: Eternally Yours
Author: deviousbookworm 
Fandom: Dragon's Bait
Character(s)/ Pairings(s): Alys x Selendrile; Kerry x Michel
Rating: PG
Summary: In which an unlikely reunion occurs on a balmy summer's eve and littering is perfectly acceptable.

No, this isn't over six weeks late, certainly not... Collapse )


Title: Dreams
Author: spinnermoon
Fandom: Weiland/Lylene
Rating: PG
Summary: A short fic that takes place at some point either between The Conjurer Princess and Just Another Dragon Slaying, or it's after JADS, I'm not sure.  I hope some people who read this become inspired to write more Lylene/Weiland fics, because there aren't nearly enough of them out there.  Also be warned that I haven't edited this yet. 

Read Here

Summertime Blues

Oh man, I've really let this comm slide this summer. Apologies to everyone.  With only about a month left of summer vacation (less for some, more for others) or, if you're like me and school schedules no longer apply, a little more than a month of official summer season left, I would like to throw out a challenge of a different kind.

In the next few days, watch the people, places and things surrounding you and think of how your favourite character would interact with them.  For instance, my mother was being particularly annoying the other day and I can picture Michel completely snowing her with his wit, insulting her without her realizing it, and then tearing her neck out.  Ok, so maybe not the last one.  Taking the same character, I can see my cat crawling onto his lap and going to sleep, and he doesn't say a word about it.

Then write a short character sketch about it.  It can be anything from a 'how Selendrile would have dealt with the snarky waitress' to 'why Nigel likes nature.' 

Have fun!

Summer Challenge

I was excited to see how well you guys responded to the Beach drabble prompt. Would you like me to continue giving those or make up an official summer challenge for a fic of whatever length?

I'll let you put it to a vote. Let me know if you want something more substantial. Otherwise, I'll continue doing weekly 100-word drabble prompts (nothing says you can't expand on the 100 words if inspiration hits). 

Word of the week:

Ice Cream

Just hit the respond button and let inspiration hit :)


Hi all, I've just created a Twitter account linked to my fanfiction, where I will be giving updates, sneak peeks, and much loving.

I hope some of you will join me and maybe we can get some creative juices flowing!


Other housekeeping:

I know, I've been remiss on the Summer Challenges.  I'll post something tonight or tomorrow so keep your eyes open!

I've just started working on an AU CotN fic that I've tentatively called Fated. As some of you may know, I haven't been able to do any writing for pleasure since I finished my Masters, so I'm super excited!

What are you working on right now? (it doesn't have to be fanfic related) Do you feel like you have time to write?

Fanfic Revival

To get you all excited about Fanfic Season, AKA summer, I'm going to give you a prompt for a 100 word drabble. Take a few moments to jot something down and then comment with it. Are you ready?

The word: Beach
Dragon's Bait, Alys/Selendrile, pg. Treasury.

Companions of the Night, Kerry/Michel-ish, pg. witching hour.